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Small Business Loan Programs in Northeast Indiana

Brightpoint Development Fund provides affordable financing for small-business owners looking to grow their business and entrepreneurs who are just starting their business. We provide alternative financing for customers who are unable to borrow from traditional lenders due to past credit problems or are needing only a small amount of capital. Financing is provided as a personal or business loan to assist the borrower in improving his or her financial health and to access mainstream financial resources in the future. 


  • Type: Regularly amortized installment loans
  • Amount: $5,000 – $50,000
  • Interest Rates: 8.00% – 12.00%
  • Terms: 60 months


The common Brightpoint borrower is someone who has trouble accessing traditional financing because of past credit issues, limited collateral, not enough business history, limited owners’ equity in a project, or various other reasons. While a borrower may be lacking in some of these areas, Brightpoint will examine a borrower’s character, industry experience, and business plan when looking at a loan application. 

We can provide loans to anyone in the following status’:

  • US Citizen 
  • Permanent or Conditional Resident – Green Card 
  • Non-Immigrant – Visas, Authorization to Stay, Asylum

Business Services
Along with financing, each borrower is required to participate in Brightpoint’s technical assistance program. The goal of this program is to help our borrowers develop business skills in areas that they have an identified need. This is done both through group workshops taught by local experts or via one-on-one work with BDF staff. 

Benefits to Financial Institutions
We offer financial institutions a place to send business owners who are turned down for a loan while still keeping them as customers. Brightpoint will also send the financial institution a report about the technical assistance provided and capital lent to their customers.